Blue Pitcher

Blue Pitcher

Hydrangeas and Figs

Hydrangeas and Figs

White Roses with Ginger Jar

White Roses with Ginger Jar

Cornflowers - Oil

Pots with plums

Pots with plums

Unfurled - Oil

Just picked - Oil

Red Fruits on Cloth - Pastel

Sunflowers - Pastel

Arrangement in blue & white - Pastel

Citrus Jarred - Pastel

Anemones in glass jar - Pastel

Olive oil & yellow pepper - Pastel

Parcels with pot - Pastel

Glass jar with citrus - Pastel

Pestle and Mortar - Pastel

Oriental Honesty - Oil

Physallis and bowl- Oil

Le Rustique - Oil

Fresh as a daisy - Oil

Citrus & Lemon - Oil

Citrus with apples & Carafe - Pastel

Dish of Damsons small - Oil

Ginger jar with garlics (small) - Pastel

Green jug and citrus - Oil

Slice - Oil

Tea with fortune cookies - Pastel

Olive oil and yellow pepper - Oil

Bottled - Pastel